Easy Steps to Chinese (Italian Edition) Textbook 3 (with MP3)

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<b>Level: </b>Elementary<br/> <br/> Primary School ,Middle School<br/> <br/> This is Textbook2 of the series. The topics involve aspects that high school students areconcerned about, such as relatives, jobs, hobbies, subjects, outgoing, etc. Besides, every lesson provides plentyof exercises, including “oral language warm-up”, “difficult points” (grammarpoints and exercises), “practical use” (speaking and writing practice), “readingcomprehension” (two articles and exercises), etc., which can effectively helpstudents put what they’ve learned into practice. An MP3 CD is attached to the book, providing therecording of the texts, new words and exercises.<br/> <br/> <b>About the Author</b><br/> Ms. YaminMa holds a B.A. of British Language and Literature and an M.Ed. in CurriculumDesign and Development. She is now teaching Chinese as a foreign language in aninternational school in Hong Kong. With many years’ experience in teachingChinese as a foreign language, she has done a thorough research for a long timeon the Chinese AP test in the USA and Chinese IB test in Europe. Her researchinterests include English Language Teaching, Chinese Language Teaching andPedagogical Psychology. Her academic papers have been read and published formany times in international seminars.<br/>  
Table of Contents
Unitá 1 Lezione 1 Parenti 亲戚
Lezione 2 Aspetto fisico 长相
Lezione 3 Dal medico 看病
Unitá 2 Lezione 4 Stagioni 季节
Lezione 5 Lavori 职业
Lezione 6 Hobby 爱好
Unitá 3 Lezione 7 Materie scolastiche 科目
Lezione 8 Infrastrutture scolastiche 学校设施
Lezione 9 Cartoleria 文具
Unitá4 Lezione 10 Al mercato 菜市场
Lezione 11 Spuntini 零食
Lezione 12 Mangiare fuori 外出就餐
Unitá5 Lezione 13 Quartiere 社区
Lezione 14 Chiedere indicazioni 问路
Lezione 15 Vicini di casa 邻居
Trascrizioni dei brani audio 听力录音稿
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Sample pages of Easy Steps to Chinese (Italian Edition) Textbook 3 (with MP3) (ISBN:9787561943991)

Sample pages of Easy Steps to Chinese (Italian Edition) Textbook 3 (with MP3) (ISBN:9787561943991)
Easy Steps to Chinese (Italian Edition) Textbook 3 (with MP3)