Easy Steps to Chinese (Italian Edition) Workbook 5

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Level: Pre-Intermediate

Middle School

This is Workbook 5 of Easy Steps to Chinese (Italian Edition), providing exercises matching Textbook 5. It includes exercises for the 15lessons in the textbook, 5 unit reviews and tests, and a vocabulary list of allthe new words in the textbook (in alphabetic order). Exercises in this bookfall into several types, such as making sentences using given words, translation, writing words or sentences based on pictures, answering questionsand writing imitative paragraphs after reading, so as to cultivate students’ability in multiple aspects.

About the Author
Ms. YaminMa holds a B.A. of British Language and Literature and an M.Ed. in CurriculumDesign and Development. She is now teaching Chinese as a foreign language in aninternational school in Hong Kong. With many years’ experience in teachingChinese as a foreign language, she has done a thorough research for a long timeon the Chinese AP test in the USA and Chinese IB test in Europe. Her researchinterests include English Language Teaching, Chinese Language Teaching andPedagogical Psychology. Her academic papers have been read and published formany times in international seminars.
Easy Steps to Chinese (Italian Edition) Workbook 5