Easy learn Chinese Speak Out (1 Book + 4 VCDs + 1 MP3)

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Author: Liu Tong;
Language: Chinese & English
Format: 1 Book + 4 VCDs + 1 MP3
Page: 356
Publication Date: 01/2004
ISBN: 7301066368

This package contains 1 Book, 4 VCDs and 1 MP3 disk.

This book features the practical application of the Chinese language by describing practical situations foreigners in China often come across with the aid of situational dialogues representing day-to-day life.

The goal is to help learners improve their oral Chinese skills for daily life and familiarize them with the actual living environment in China so that they can adapt themselves to living and working in the country.

This book is suitable for Chinese language learners who have learned Chinese for 3 to six months, have a fundamental knowledge of the Chinese phonetics, and has grasped basic Chinese vocabulary. With b&w illustrations and photos.

Easy learn Chinese Speak Out (1 Book + 4 VCDs + 1 MP3)