CHINO COTIDIANO + 1 book + 3 CDs + 1 DVD-ROM

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Everyday Chinese is a multimedia package for the teaching of oral Chinese. It is designed to enable students to master basic conversations and to improve their communicative ability within a short period of time.

Everyday Chinese features 900 sentences that are frequently used in daily life, including a core vocabulary of 1,500 words composed of about 700 Chinese characters, a complementary vocabulary of 450 words, and 100 grammatical structures.

Besides the textbook, Everyday Chinese includes multimedia components including audio CD/MP3 and DVD-ROM, a website and tutorial services. The package presents a combined learning environment for students, allowing them the choice of their favorite learning methods. It also provides learners with a virtual contemporary Chinese community depicted through video clips and animations.

Table of Contents
Introduction to Pinyin
第一篇 常用汉语900句  Daily Chinese 900
见面——“你叫什么名字?”  Meeting People-“What’s your name?”
打招呼  Greeting People
感谢与安慰  Expressing Gratitude and Consolation
拜访  Paying a Visit
告辞  Taking Leave
求助  Asking for Help
约会  Making an Appointment
打电话  Making a Phone Call
谈他人  Talking about Other People
谈心情  Talking about Moods
谈工作  Talking about Work
谈爱好  Talking about Hobbies
就餐——“你想吃什么?”  Dining-“What would you like to eat?”
快餐厅  At a Fast Food Restaurant
中餐厅  At a Chinese Restaurant
自助餐  At a Buffet
街头小吃  Street Snacks
家庭聚会  Family Gathering
宴会  At a Banquet
购物——“多少钱?”  Shopping-“How much is it?”
超市  Supermarket
水果市场  Fruit Market
二手市场  Second-hand Market
电话购物  Shopping by Phone
服装店  Clothing Shop
商场  Department Store
书店  Bookstore
出行——“您去哪儿?”  Excursion-“Where are you going?”
步行  Walking
乘公共汽车  Taking a Bus
乘出租车  Taking a Taxi
乘火车  Taking a Train
乘飞机  Taking a Plane
自驾车  Getting Around in One’s Own Car
旅行社  Travel Agency
邮局  Post Office
住宿——“我订一个标准间。”  Accommodation-“I’d like a standard room.”
宾馆  Hotel
理发美容  Haircut & Facial
找房  Looking for an Apartment
租房  Renting an Apartment
搬家  Moving
理财——“现在的汇率是多少?”  Managing Money-“What’s the exchange rate?”
存/取钱  Depositing/Withdrawing Money
兑换  Exchanging Money
交费  Paying Bills
汇款  Transferring Money
刷信用卡  Using a Credit Card
挂失  Reporting a Loss
看病——“你哪儿不舒服?”  Seeing a Doctor-“Is anything wrong?”
挂号  Registration
就诊  Consulting the Doctor
治疗  Treatment
药店  Pharmacy
急诊  Emergency
交费取药  Paying for Treatment & Filling Prescriptions
探病  Visiting a Friend in the Hospital
中医  Traditional Chinese Medicine
学习——“你学什么专业?”  Schooling-“What’s your major?”
幼儿园  Pre-school
大学课堂  University Classes
图书馆  Library
大学生聊天  University Students Chatting
谈论网吧  Talking about Internet Bars
报名  Enrollment
娱乐——“放松放松。”  Recreation-“Let’s relax.”
在酒吧  In the Bar
在迪厅  In the Disco
在电影院  At the Movie Theater
在卡拉OK  At a Karaoke Bar
看演出  Attending a Performance
看京剧  Watching Peking Opera
在博物馆  At the Museum
运动——“好球!”  Sports-“Nice shot!”
晨练  Morning Exercise
健康与锻炼  Health and Exercise
比赛  Games
爬山与跑步  Hiking and Running
第二篇 入门汉语100句  Basic Chinese 100
补充词索引  Index to Supplementary Vocabulary
CHINO COTIDIANO + 1 book + 3 CDs + 1 DVD-ROM