Dynamic Chinese (Elementary) Vol 1

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Dynamic Chinese, a new textbook series based upon the Chinese Proficiency Grading Standards for International Chinese Language Education, is compiled taking into account the "four-sphere criterion" of syllables, Chinese characters, words, and grammar. Based on the nature and features of the Chinese language, the books provide explanations, exercises, and pictures to facilitate studying. Starting with the characters, the series teaches the Chinese language by referring to pinyin. It also focuses on training students' thinking of Chinese characters by teaching them how to form words using characters, form sentences using words, and organize the sentences into a passage. Therefore, it can significantly improve both teaching and learning efficiency.

This colorful book series integrates the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing into real-life scenarios and lets students learn Chinese culture through pictures of Chinese characters. The exercises in the books take on various forms, and in each unit we offer such exercises as Distinguish and Remember, Explanation and Practice, Situational Dialogues, Study Resources, and Cultural Links. To further assist the students, pinyin, and digital resources like audio (scanning the QR codes) are also included.

Book 1 of the Elementary Level introduces around 450 Chinese characters and 250 words, as well as dialogues, texts, and grammar training sessions related to them. After studying Book 1 and Book 2 of this level. starters will be able to engage in social communication using simple Chinese and finish some expressions in daily life, study, work, and social activities. They will also gain some Chinese cultural knowledge associated with the themes they have learned, acquire basic skills of cross-cultural communication as well as some listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills of the Chinese language, and make simple conversations about the topics familiar to them.

Table of Contents
Table of contents: Dynamic Chinese (Elementary) Vol 1 (ISBN:9787513824774)Table of contents: Dynamic Chinese (Elementary) Vol 1 (ISBN:9787513824774)
Dynamic Chinese (Elementary) Vol 1