Dragon Tales

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In China, there are many fantastic stories and legends about the dragon. Contained in this collection are 35 of the finest classical and modern examples. They include "The Rakshas and the Sea Market" and "The Princess of the West Lake", both by the well-known Qing-dynasty writer Pu Songling (1640-1715), telling of the wonders of a dragon palace and of love between dragons and human beings; "Tripod Lake and the Golden Lotus Flowers", the story of how the first Chinese ruler, Huang Di, was transported to fairyland on the back of a dragon; and "The Looking-to-Mother Shoal", which tells how human beings were transformed into dragons. These intriguing, entertaining tales reflect the rich imagination and high aspirations of the Chinese people.
Table of Contents
Li Jing
The Dragon King's Daughter
The Monk Xuan Zhao
Liu Guanci
Madam Wei
Ren Xu
The Old Dame by the Fenshui River
The Rakshas and the Sea Market
The Princess of the West Lake
Legend of the Four Dragons
Dragon Dance at Lantern Festival Time
The Bright Pearl
Short-Tailed Old Li
The Looking-to-Mother Shoal
The Dragon Eye
Only Eight Dragons on the Roof
Geshan and Dragon Pearl
Two Magic Gourds
Princess Anpo
The Gorge Opened by Mistake
Baotu Spring
The Legend of Green Dragon Pond
Dragon Mother's Temple
Tripod Lake and Golden Lotus Flowers
Meidan the Dragon's Daughter
The Dragon King's Daughter and Guanyin
The Nine Dragons and the Tiantai Mountains
The Copper Kettle with the Leaky Bottom
Dragon-Lions and Dragon Pearls
The Yanyu Herb and the Greedy Dragon
Carving Dragons
The Dragon Tablet
A Dragon and Phoenix Match
Dragon Girl
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Dragon Tales