Dragon Robes in the Palace Museum

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  • Language: Chinese
  • Format: 54 Cards
  • Publication Date: 01/2005
  • Publisher: The Palace Museum
Dragon robes refer to long outer garments with dragon patterns that emperors, empresses, imperial concubines, royal family members, dukes and high-ranking officials wear on important occasions, such as sacrificial ceremonies and official activities, to show their majestic political statuses. No doubt dragon robes boast superb materials, exquisite workmanship and gorgeous decorations and represent the essence of both folk and royal garments. Shown on this series of playing cards are 54 representative dragon robes varying in styles, through which you may sense their abstract designing concepts, refined making techniques and stunning aesthetical effects and learn about the history of Chinese clothes culture. Thus, the playing cards may help enrich your knowledge and relax your mood.
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Dragon Robes in the Palace Museum