Meaning of 洞若观火

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dòng ruò guān huǒ (Trad.: 洞若觀火)
lit. to see sth as clearly as one sees a blazing fire (idiom); fig. to grasp the situation thoroughly
Example Sentences
Black eagle nest mates have violent battles, Forbes said, "and the parents just stand by as the oldest sibling murders the youngest."
They unluckily piercing eye, see clearly, a variety of flaw evil doing of the man, all does not escape to pass their law key point.
Look no further than the Masked Magician who will present the 'spoilers' - the trade secrets behind these seemingly impossible magic feats!
It's for those who waste of resources, greatness and success , exploiting the public in order to boast, militarism who expose the evil of the soul hole if the concept is really a fire.
Mr Ma, in contrast, has a trove of data revealing whether small firms pay their bills on time.