Meaning of 隐隐约约

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yǐn yǐn yuē yuē (Trad.: 隱隱約約)
faint; distant; barely audible
Related Words
Antonyms: 清清楚楚
Example Sentences
The thought rose dimly in my mind.
Economic troubles loom almost everywhere, putting jobs at risk and piling pressure onto those who are laid off and those who have to take on added new responsibilities.
Nobody will live long enough to witness the fate of these galaxies, but sooner or later scientists should be able to learn their dance steps, and to catch faint echoes of the music.
Thefollowing chapters are the maps of intrepid explorers pushing into a newterritory that can only dimly be seen forming on the horizon of our integralconversations.
But Congress was on recess, and other, more important, issues loomed (like whether a community could be built two blocks from a construction site, and so on).