Meaning of 管中窥豹

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guǎn zhōng kuī bào (Trad.: 管中窺豹)
lit. to see a leopard through a narrow tube (idiom); fig. to miss the big picture
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Example Sentences
The shift offers a glimpse into the consequences of rising global food prices and changing eating habits in both prosperous and developing nations.
As Japan' s Mr Maehara puts it, its behaviour over the disputed islands gave "quite a few countries a glimpse of the essence of China".
In the experiences and issues that make up our lives, don' t let your made-up mind prevent you from seeing all that is there.
These phone conversations can provide you with a good glimpse into the direction of the industry and into the minds of your potential customers.
While it can only be glimpsed, an end to the debacle in Iraq does not mean an end to America's responsibilities in the world.