Meaning of 窥

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(Trad.: 窺)
Pinyin: kuī
English Definition: to peep; to pry into
Chinese Definition:
Total strokes: 13; Radical:
Pictophonetic: indicates the sound; (hole) conveys the meaning.
Character Formation:
  • Above to below
    • [ xué ] cave, den, hole
    • [ guī ] rules, regulations, customs, law
Similar Characters:
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 窥
Example Words
窥视 kuī shì to peep at; to spy on; to peek
窥探 kuī tàn to pry into or spy on; to snoop; to peep; to poke one's nose into; to peer; to get a glimpse of
窥伺 kuī to spy upon; to lie in wait for (an opportunity)
管窥 guǎn kuī to look at sth through a bamboo tube; to have a restricted view
内窥镜 nèi kuī jìng endoscope
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Example Sentences
Because all this future thinking was taking place in an fMRI machine, the scientists were able to glimpse the anatomy underling our ability to think about the future.
If you really want to figure that out, you have to think very, very far outside the box. Or maybe you have to think further inside it than anyone ever has before.
Because he is aware, as in all his letters, that there is someone listening in to this private and intimate conversation between husband and wife.
The spread of VCDs and DVDs during the Chen scandal may also give us a glimpse as to how illegal pirated pornography was spread before the advent of the internet.
These results give us a glimpse into early European life. A preference for food with a higher fat content would have been important for survival.