Designs of Chinese Blessings - Longevity

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Designs of Chinese Blessings is a compilation of special good luck pictures passed down in Mr. Huang's Family for several generations as well chose which Mr. Huang has been collecting for dozens of years. Their beauty is beyond description. The book consists of five sections: Good Fortune, High salary, Longevity, Happiness, and Wealth. Witch 119 pictures in each section, the whole book contains 595 pictures and is a complete representation of the various aspects of traditional Chinese Good luck pictures.
Table of Contents
人臻五福  花满三春 May People Enjoy a full of Blessings, and Let Flowers Bloom Throughout Spring Time
人歌上寿  Celebrating longevity
人寿年丰  Longevity to man with a harvest year
八仙仰寿  The eight immortals look up to offer birthday peaches and toasts
李铁拐庆寿  Tieguai Li congratulates birthdays
钟离权庆寿  Zhongli Quan congratulates birthdays
张果老庆寿  Zhang Guolao congratulates birthdays
吕洞宾庆寿  Lű Dongbin congratulates birthdays
何仙姑庆寿  He Xiangu congratulates birthdays
蓝采和庆寿  Lan Caihe congratulates birthdays
韩湘子庆寿  Han Xiangzi congratulates birthdays
曹男舅庆寿  Cao Guojiu congratulates birthdays
九世同居  Nine generations under the same roof
三多九如  Plentiful blessings
三星图    Picture of the three gods
三星高照  High above shine the three stars
三星在户  The three stars in the hall
福禄寿三星  The three stars of good fortune, salary, and longevity
大寿之福  the good fortune of longevity
万寿八宝  The eight magic objects and longevity
万代常春  10,000 generations of offsprings
万寿无疆  A long lasting life
万寿五福  Longevity and five blessings
群芳祝寿  Many virtuous people congratulating one's birthday
鹤寿千岁  Live to 1,000 years like the crane and turtle
鹤寿之喜  The happiness of longevity
鹤献蟠桃  The crane presents a birthday peach
鹤游云天  The crane flies in the sky among the clouds
蟠桃千丰  Thousands of years of flat peaches
蟠桃上寿  Take flat peaches and live to 100 years
蟠桃献寿  Present flat peaches for birthday celebrations
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Designs of Chinese Blessings - Longevity