Designs of Chinese Blessings - Good Fortune

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Author: Huang Quanxin;
Language: Chinese & English
Format: 1 Book
Page: 245
Publication Date: 01/2003
ISBN: 7800528898/9787800528897
Publisher: Sinolingua Press
Series: Designs of Chinese Blessings
Designs of Chinese Blessings is a compilation of special good luck pictures passed down in Mr. Huang's Family for several generations as well chose which Mr. Huang has been collecting for dozens of years. Their beauty is beyond description. The book consists of five sections: Good Fortune, High salary, Longevity, Happiness, and Wealth. Witch 119 pictures in each section, the whole book contains 595 pictures and is a complete representation of the various aspects of traditional Chinese Good luck pictures.
Table of Contents
人臻五福  花满三春
May People Enjoy a full of Blessings, and Let Flowers Bloom Throughout Spring Time
一方平安  Peace in this place
一家之主  The master of the family
一路平安  Safe journey
二龙戏珠  Two dragons play ball
十二章   Twelve patterns
人文初祖  The ancestor of civilization
八吉祥  Eight auspicious things
八音图  The picture of eight musical instruments
八仙过海  Eight immortals cross the ocean
九阳启泰  Nine suns shine
九九消寒图  Winter picture
三圣同辉  Three sages glory
三合九重  The summary of auspicious things in a picture
三阳开泰  Three suns shine
三纲五常  Ethical standards
三皇开世  Three emperors founded the world
大吉  Big luck
大福寿  Big fortune and longevity
万象回春  Spring comes back
万象更新  Spring comes back
门神镇宅  The door god keeps houses safe
门神守户  The door god protects the home
门神安舍  The door god protects the home
门社御鬼  The door god keeps ghosts away
女娲补天  The goddess patching the Sky
天下太平  The peaceful world
天下文明  The civilized world
天师避邪  Heavenly Master Kills evils
天师镇宅  Heavenly Master exorcises evil spirits
天官赐福  The heavenly officer brings blessings
天禄避邪  The heavenly deer avoids evil
太平世界  The peaceful world
太平有象  The peaceful world
五客图  The picture of five birds
五毒符  The picture of five poisonous insects
五毒协合  Killing five poisonous insects
五福和合  The combination of five happiness
日月合璧  The sun and the moon shine together
日月光辉  The sun and the moon glory together
铺首护宅  The doorknob decoration protects the family
福运  Fortune
福到了  Fortune arrives
福从天降  Fortune arrives from heaven
福在眼前  Fortune in front of your eyes
福星高照  The shining of the lucky star
福缘善庆  Celebrate happiness and fortune
鹦鹉濡羽  The parrot saves animals from the fire
夔龙拱壁  The leader of the dragon group and jade
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Designs of Chinese Blessings - Good Fortune