Currencies in Old Shanghai

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Author: Ma Chuande; Tang Weikang;
Format: 207*283mm
Publication Date: 01/1999
ISBN: 9787532217744
Publisher: Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House
The book, for the first time, introduces the currencies issued in Shanghai. It includes the metal coins circulating before the metropolis took shape and the currencies issued by foreign banks after the city opened for business to foreigners. China has undergone a numismatic craze in recent years, which seems commercial, but also contains a reservoir of culture. The craze is related to the research of China's numismatics and currency history. This book has made it possible to reveal these hidden things to the public. Some currencies in the book are rare and so many scrips are shown to the public for the first time. Shanghai's prosperity was close related to its flourishing financial infrastructure.
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Currencies in Old Shanghai