Chinese-Lusophone Relations: China and Brazil

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Language: English
Format: 24.5 x 17 x 2 cm
Page: 275
Publication Date: 01/2015
ISBN: 9787509771310
Table of Contents

Panel Ⅰ Evolving Roles of Brazil and China in Global Governance
China, Brazil and Global Governance
Diversifying Channels in China-Brazil Relations: The Multilateralization of the Bilateral Relationship
Sino-Brazil Relations in the Context of China's Policy towards Latin America

Panel Ⅱ Lessons of Chinese-Brazilian Cooperation and Competition in Trade and Economy
Brazil-China Economic Relations: Trade Pattern and China Investment Profile in Brazil
Economic Relationship Brazil-China: Cooperation and Competition
Comparative Advantages and Trade Complementarity between China and Brazil
Dynamics of FDI Flows of Emerging and Developing Economies:Investment Relation between China an Brazil in Focus

Panel Ⅲ Compare and Contrast the Rises of China and Brazil
Constitutions, Economics, and the Creation of Social Realities in Brazil and China
Brazil's Specialization in Natural Resources: The Role Played by China
Demystifying the China-Brazil Relations
Chinese Lyre:Reception of Classical Chinese Poetry in Brazil

Panel Ⅳ China-Brazil Relations and Macau
A Political and Economic Analysis on the Service Platform for Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and Lusophone Countries
How do Brazil and Macau Use "Electronic Payment" to Improve Chinese-Lusophone Business Relations?
Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan's Roles in Sino-Brazilian Relations

Chinese-Lusophone Relations: China and Brazil