Chinese Paradise: Companion Reader (Level 1)

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Usage Advice: As a companion reader of Chinese Paradise, it can be used either as a supplementaryclassroom teaching material for elementary schools or as a Chinese reader forkids independently.

Chinese Paradise: Companion Reader is a series of readers based on the textbooks of Chinese Paradise (2nd edition). There are six levels in total, with 12 books in each level. Levels 1-3 correspond to YCT 1-2, and Levels 4-6 correspond to YCT 3-4.
Chinese Paradise: Companion Reader (Level 1) includes 12 books, each of which tells an interesting Chinese story and provides audio recording, explanations of new words, simulated YCT exercises, and English translation. The story makes good use of the vocabulary and sentence patterns in the textbook and is characterized by simple language and lively pictures. It gives young readers wings, taking them on a journey of fascinating reading while helping them consolidate what they've learned in the textbook. Small surprises are hidden in the pictures waiting for young readers to discover.
This book is provided with MPR reading. Users can scan the QR code to listen to or download the audio files.

About the Author
Center for Studies and Development of Textbooks for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL) of Beijing Language and Culture University is the first research institute in China dedicated to the studies, development, compilation and popularization of TCFL textbooks. Based on TCFL at Beijing Language and Culture University and bringing to local and international scholars in this field, it gives full play to the advantage of collective teaching a number of international students.

1. Easily reinforcing textbook knowledge – Aligned with the textbook of Chinese Paradisein terms of topics,vocabulary and sentence patterns;
2. Steadily improving Chinese competence – Appropriate to the children's age, cognitiveability and reading psychology;
3. Convenientfor assessment – Matching YCT levels and requirements on students' Chinese proficiency;
4. Fun reading experience – Creating a wonderfulchildhood with adorable animals and fascinating stories.
Chinese Paradise: Companion Reader (Level 1)