Chinese Listening Course (3rd Edition) Book 2

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Usage Advice: 2class hours per lesson (1 class hour = 50 minutes)

Level: Elementary


This book is the listening course book matching Book 2 of Chinese Course (3rd Edition). It can also be used independently as a practice book of elementary listening.
Through studying Book 1, students have already grasped the basics of Chinese pronunciation and intonation. Therefore, Book 2 shifts the focus to listening comprehension. While training the comprehension of certain grammar points, it also begins to train students' discourse and semantic comprehension. The book includes a total of 25 lessons, with a good variety of exercises. In addition to common exercises such as multiple-choice, true-or-false, and Q & A questions, there are also function-oriented exercises such as asking questions based on sentence stress, choosing appropriate answers, etc. To foster students' Chinese communication ability, it also provides some material for self-directed learning.

About the Author
Hu Bo is a professor at the College of Advanced Chinese Training, BLCU.
Yang Xuemei is a professor at the College of Advanced Chinese Training, BLCU, and a first prize winner of the university teaching award, who has been engaged in CFL teaching since 1987. Yang’s works include teaching materials such as Chinese Listening Course (all three volumes), University Chinese (Book 1 and Book 3), and Discrimination of Chinese Synonyms, a book highly recognized by the university. Yang has also authored a number of journal articles on CFL teaching.
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