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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1错误 錯誤 cuò cuo4 wu4error; mistake; Classifiers: ; mistaken; false; wrong
2误差 誤差 chāwu4 cha1difference; error; inaccuracy
3 wu4mistake; error; to miss; to harm; to delay; to neglect; mistakenly
4失误 失誤 shī shi1 wu4lapse; mistake; to make a mistake; fault; service fault (in volleyball, tennis etc)
5误解 誤解 jiěwu4 jie3to misunderstand; to misread; misunderstanding
6误会 誤會 huìwu4 hui4to misunderstand; to mistake; misunderstanding; Classifiers:
7谬误 謬誤 miù miu4 wu4error; mistaken idea; falsehood
8不误 不誤 bu4 wu4used in expressions of the form V不误 , in which V is a verb, means "as before", and the overall meaning is "carry on (doing sth) regardless" or "continue (to do sth) in spite of changed circumstances", e.g. 照买不误 , to keep on buying (a product) regardless (of price hikes)
9磨刀不误砍柴工 磨刀不誤砍柴工 dāo kǎn chái gōngmo2 dao1 bu4 wu4 kan3 chai2 gong1lit. sharpening the axe won't make the wood-splitting take longer (idiom); fig. time invested in preparations is not lost; a beard well lathered is half shaved
10照买不误 照買不誤 zhào mǎi zhao4 mai3 bu4 wu4to keep on buying (a product) regardless (of price increases, adverse publicity etc)
11笔误 筆誤 bi3 wu4a slip of a pen; Classifiers:
12不得有误 不得有誤 yǒu bu4 de2 you3 wu4to act without fail (idiom)
13差误 差誤 chā cha1 wu4mistake
14查对无误 查對無誤 chá duì cha2 dui4 wu2 wu4examined and found correct; verified (idiom)
15迟误 遲誤 chí chi2 wu4to delay; to procrastinate
16聪明反被聪明误 聰明反被聰明誤 cōng míng fǎn bèi cōng míng cong1 ming2 fan3 bei4 cong1 ming2 wu4a clever person may become the victim of his own ingenuity (idiom); cleverness may overreach itself; too smart for one's own good
17错误的结合 錯誤的結合 cuò de jié cuo4 wu4 de5 jie2 he2illusory conjunction
18读音错误 讀音錯誤 yīn cuò du2 yin1 cuo4 wu4mistake of pronunciation
19段错误 段錯誤 duàn cuò duan4 cuo4 wu4segmentation fault
20讹误 訛誤 é e2 wu4error in a text; text corruption
21脚误 腳誤 jiǎo jiao3 wu4foot fault (tennis etc)
22刊误 刊誤 kān kan1 wu4to correct printing errors; to correct printing errors
23刊误表 刊誤表 kān biǎokan1 wu4 biao3corrigenda; variant of 勘误表
24类比错误 類比錯誤 lèi cuò lei4 bi3 cuo4 wu4analogy error
25两不误 兩不誤 liǎng liang3 bu4 wu4to neglect neither one
26逻辑错误 邏輯錯誤 luó ji cuò luo2 ji5 cuo4 wu4logical error
27迷误 迷誤 mi2 wu4to mislead; to confuse; error; misconception; erroneous
28偏误 偏誤 piān pian1 wu4bias (statistics)
29拼写错误 拼寫錯誤 pīn xiě cuò pin1 xie3 cuo4 wu4spelling mistake; written error
30声旁错误 聲旁錯誤 shēng páng cuò sheng1 pang2 cuo4 wu4phonological error
31手民误植 手民誤植 shǒu mín zhíshou3 min2 wu4 zhi2typographic error; misprint
32双误 雙誤 shuāng shuang1 wu4double fault (in tennis)
33脱误 脫誤 tuō tuo1 wu4omission; missing word
34违误 違誤 wéi wei2 wu4to disobey and cause delays; to obstruct and procrastinate
35无误 無誤 wu2 wu4verified; unmistaken
36误车 誤車 chēwu4 che1to miss (bus, train etc)
37误打误撞 誤打誤撞 zhuàngwu4 da3 wu4 zhuang4accidentally; to act before thinking
38误导 誤導 dǎowu4 dao3to mislead; to misguide; misleading
39误点 誤點 diǎnwu4 dian3not on time; late (public transport, airlines); overdue; behind schedule; delayed
40误读 誤讀 wu4 du2to misread; (fig.) to misunderstand; to misinterpret
41误工 誤工 gōngwu4 gong1to delay one's work; to be late for or absent from work; loss of working time
42误机 誤機 wu4 ji1to miss a plane
43误尽苍生 誤盡蒼生 jìn cāng shēngwu4 jin4 cang1 sheng1to bring calamity to the masses (idiom)
44误看 誤看 kànwu4 kan4a mistake; an oversight; an error of judgment
45误判 誤判 pànwu4 pan4to misjudge; error of judgment; incorrect ruling; miscarriage of justice
46误判案 誤判案 pàn ànwu4 pan4 an4miscarriage of justice
47误区 誤區 wu4 qu1mistaken ideas; misconceptions; the error of one's ways
48误人误己 誤人誤己 rén wu4 ren2 wu4 ji3to harm both others and oneself (idiom)
49误人子弟 誤人子弟 rén wu4 ren2 zi3 di4(of a lazy or incompetent teacher) to hamper students' progress; (of media) to propagate errors; to lead people astray
50误入迷津 誤入迷津 jīnwu4 ru4 mi2 jin1to go astray (idiom)
51误入歧途 誤入歧途 wu4 ru4 qi2 tu2to take a wrong step in life (idiom); to go astray
52误入歧途效应 誤入歧途效應 xiào yìngwu4 ru4 qi2 tu2 xiao4 ying4garden path effect
53误杀 誤殺 shāwu4 sha1to mistakenly kill; manslaughter
54误伤 誤傷 shāngwu4 shang1to injure accidentally; accidental injury
55误上贼船 誤上賊船 shàng zéi chuánwu4 shang4 zei2 chuan2lit. to mistakenly board a pirate ship; to embark on a hopeless adventure
56误事 誤事 shìwu4 shi4to hold things up; to make a botch of things
57误写 誤寫 xiěwu4 xie3to unwittingly write the wrong thing
58误信 誤信 xìnwu4 xin4to falsely believe; to be mislead; to fall for (a trick etc)
59误用 誤用 yòngwu4 yong4to misuse
60误植 誤植 zhíwu4 zhi2to write a word incorrectly; typo; (medicine) to mistakenly transplant (an infected organ etc)
61误置 誤置 zhìwu4 zhi4to put sth in the wrong place
62误作 誤作 zuòwu4 zuo4to consider erroneously; incorrectly attributed to sb
63一误而误 一誤而誤 ér yi1 wu4 er2 wu4to fail through slowness (idiom)
64贻误 貽誤 yi2 wu4to affect adversely; to delay or hinder; to waste (an opportunity); to mislead
65饮酒误事 飲酒誤事 yǐn jiǔ shìyin3 jiu3 wu4 shi4Drinking slows one's business. (idiom)
66诱导误导 誘導誤導 yòu dǎo dǎoyou4 dao3 wu4 dao3to mislead (idiom)
67约期不误 約期不誤 yuē yue1 qi1 bu4 wu4never to fail to keep an appointment (idiom)
68运行时错误 運行時錯誤 yùn xíng shí cuò yun4 xing2 shi2 cuo4 wu4run-time error (in computing)
69照骂不误 照罵不誤 zhào zhao4 ma4 bu4 wu4to curse roundly; to abuse profusely
70正误 正誤 zhèng zheng4 wu4true or false?; correct or incorrect; to correct errors (in a document)
71正误表 正誤表 zhèng biǎozheng4 wu4 biao3corrigenda
72准确无误 準確無誤 zhǔn què zhun3 que4 wu2 wu4accurate and precise (idiom)
73自误误人 自誤誤人 rénzi4 wu4 wu4 ren2to compromise the interest of oneself and of others (idiom)
74左计误事 左計誤事 zuǒ shìzuo3 ji4 wu4 shi4an unsuitable plan spoils an affair (idiom)

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