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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 lóuLou2house with more than 1 story; storied building; floor; Classifiers: ; surname Lou
2楼上 樓上 lóu shànglou2 shang4upstairs; (Internet slang) previous poster in a forum thread
3楼房 樓房 lóu fánglou2 fang2a building of two or more stories; Classifiers:
4楼梯 樓梯 lóu lou2 ti1stair; staircase; Classifiers:
5楼下 樓下 lóu xiàlou2 xia4downstairs
6楼板 樓板 lóu bǎnlou2 ban3floor; floor (ie. metal plate, concrete slab, wooden planking etc)
7楼层 樓層 lóu cénglou2 ceng2story; floor
8楼船 樓船 lóu chuánlou2 chuan2ship with several decks; turreted junk
9楼道 樓道 lóu dàolou2 dao4corridor; passageway (in storied building)
10楼顶 樓頂 lóu dǐnglou2 ding3top of a building
11楼阁 樓閣 lóu lou2 ge2building; pavilion
12楼阁塔 樓閣塔 lóu lou2 ge2 ta3multi-storied pagoda
13楼兰 樓蘭 lóu lánLou2 lan2ancient oasis town of Kroraina or Loulan on the Silk road near Lop Nor 罗布泊 , modern Xinjiang
14楼橹 樓櫓 lóu lou2 lu3watch tower; movable battlefield turret
15楼面 樓面 lóu miànlou2 mian4floor
16楼盘 樓盤 lóu pánlou2 pan2building under construction; commercial property; real estate (for sale or rent)
17楼市 樓市 lóu shìlou2 shi4real estate market
18楼台 樓臺 lóu táilou2 tai2balcony; high building (esp. in poetry); tower
19楼台亭阁 樓臺亭閣 lóu tái tíng lou2 tai2 ting2 ge2tower and pavilion; general reference to elaborate Chinese architecture (idiom)
20楼梯间 樓梯間 lóu jiānlou2 ti1 jian1staircase; flight of stairs
21楼梯口 樓梯口 lóu kǒulou2 ti1 kou3head of a flight of stairs
22楼梯台 樓梯臺 lóu táilou2 ti1 tai2staircase balcony; landing
23楼厢 樓廂 lóu xiānglou2 xiang1loft
24楼宇 樓宇 lóu lou2 yu3building
25楼宇自动化 樓宇自動化 lóu dòng huàlou2 yu3 zi4 dong4 hua4building automation
26楼主 樓主 lóu zhǔlou2 zhu3original poster (in an online forum); landlord of a building (traditional)
27楼子 樓子 lóu zilou2 zi5pavilion; variant of 娄子
28楼座 樓座 lóu zuòlou2 zuo4gallery seat (in theater)
29楼花 樓花 lóu huālou2 hua1apartment building offered for sale before construction is completed; off-plan property

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