Meaning of 层

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(Trad.: 層)
Pinyin: céng
English Definition: layer; stratum; laminated; floor (of a building); storey; classifier for layers; repeated; sheaf (math.)
Chinese Definition:

Total strokes: 7; Radical:
Ideographic: Simplified form of 層; provides the pronunciation
Character Formation:
  • Surround from upper left
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 层
Example Words
基层 céng basic level; grassroots unit; basement layer
层次 céng layer; level; gradation; arrangement of ideas; (a person's) standing
高层 gāo céng high level; high class
层面 céng miàn aspect; facet; level (political, psychological, spiritual etc); (geology) bedding plane
阶层 jiē céng hierarchy; stratum; social class
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