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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 cáicai2a moment ago; just now; (indicating sth happening later than expected); (preceded by a clause of condition or reason) not until; (followed by a numerical clause) only; ability; talent; sb of a certain type; a capable individual; only; only then; just now
2才能 cái néngcai2 neng2talent; ability; capacity
3才华 才華 cái huácai2 hua2talent; Classifiers:
4才干 才幹 cái gàncai2 gan4ability; competence
5才不 cái cai2 bu4by no means; definitely not; as if!; yeah right!
6才大心细 才大心細 cái xīn cai2 da4 xin1 xi4to have great talent and an attentive mind (idiom)
7才德 cái cai2 de2talent and virtue
8才分 cái fèncai2 fen4ability; talent; gift
9才高八斗 cái gāo dǒucai2 gao1 ba1 dou3of great talent (idiom)
10才怪 cái guàicai2 guai4it'd be a wonder if... (following a verb phrase that is usually negative)
11才华出众 才華出眾 cái huá chū zhòngcai2 hua2 chu1 zhong4outstanding talent (idiom); incomparable artistic merit
12才华盖世 才華蓋世 cái huá gài shìcai2 hua2 gai4 shi4peerless talent (idiom); incomparable artistic merit
13才华横溢 才華橫溢 cái huá héng cai2 hua2 heng2 yi4brimming over with talent (esp. literary); brilliant
14才兼文武 cái jiān wén cai2 jian1 wen2 wu3talent in both military and civil field (idiom)
15才略 cái lüècai2 lu:e4ability and sagacity
16才貌出众 才貌出眾 cái mào chū zhòngcai2 mao4 chu1 zhong4to have outstanding talent and appearance (idiom)
17才貌双全 才貌雙全 cái mào shuāng quáncai2 mao4 shuang1 quan2talented and good-looking (idiom)
18才名籍甚 cái míng shèncai2 ming2 ji2 shen4One's reputation for talent is well-known. (idiom)
19才女 cái cai2 nu:3talented girl
20才气 才氣 cái cai2 qi4talent (usually literary or artistic)
21才气过人 才氣過人 cái guò réncai2 qi4 guo4 ren2an outstanding talent (idiom); surpassing insight and acumen
22才穷智竭 才窮智竭 cái qióng zhì jiécai2 qiong2 zhi4 jie2talent inadequate for the job (idiom)
23才然 纔然 cái ráncai2 ran2just recently; just a moment ago; just now
24才识 才識 cái shícai2 shi2ability and insight
25才识过人 才識過人 cái shí guò réncai2 shi2 guo4 ren2an outstanding talent (idiom); surpassing insight and acumen
26才疏学浅 才疏學淺 cái shū xué qiǎncai2 shu1 xue2 qian3(humble expr.) of humble talent and shallow learning (idiom); Pray forgive my ignorance,...
27才思 cái cai2 si1imaginative power; creativeness
28才外流 cái wài liúcai2 wai4 liu2brain drain
29才学 才學 cái xuécai2 xue2talent and learning; scholarship
30才艺 才藝 cái cai2 yi4talent
31才艺技能 才藝技能 cái néngcai2 yi4 ji4 neng2talent
32才艺秀 才藝秀 cái xiùcai2 yi4 xiu4talent show
33才藻出众 才藻出眾 cái zǎo chū zhòngcai2 zao3 chu1 zhong4above average in literary talent (idiom)
34才智 cái zhìcai2 zhi4ability and wisdom
35才子 cái cai2 zi3gifted scholar
36才子佳人 cái jiā réncai2 zi3 jia1 ren2gifted scholar, beautiful lady (idiom); pair of ideal lovers

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