Meaning of 才

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(Trad.: 纔)
Pinyin: cái
English Definition: ability; talent; sb of a certain type; a capable individual; only; only then; just now; a moment ago; just now; (indicating sth happening later than expected); (preceded by a clause of condition or reason) not until; (followed by a numerical clause) only
Total strokes: 3; Radical:
Ideographic: A sprout growing in the ground, representing a budding talent
Character Formation:
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 才
Example Words:
刚才 [ gāng cái ]: just now; a moment ago
刚才 [ gāng cái ]: (just) a moment ago
人才 [ rén cái ]: talent; talented person; looks; attractive looks
天才 [ tiān cái ]: talent; gift; genius; talented; gifted
才干 [ cái gàn ]: ability; competence
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