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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 xiǎngxiang3echo; sound; noise; to make a sound; to sound; to ring; loud; classifier for noises
2响应 響應 xiǎng yìngxiang3 ying4to respond to; answer; Classifiers:
3响声 響聲 xiǎng shēngxiang3 sheng1noise
4响亮 響亮 xiǎng liàngxiang3 liang4loud and clear; resounding
5响板 響板 xiǎng bǎnxiang3 ban3castanets (music)
6响遍 響遍 xiǎng biànxiang3 bian4to resound (all over the place)
7响彻 響徹 xiǎng chèxiang3 che4to resound; to resonate
8响彻九霄 響徹九霄 xiǎng chè jiǔ xiāoxiang3 che4 jiu3 xiao1to echo to the sky (idiom)
9响当当 響噹噹 xiǎng dāng dāngxiang3 dang1 dang1resounding; loud; well known; famous
10响叮当 響叮噹 xiǎng dīng dāngxiang3 ding1 dang1to tinkle; to jingle; to clank
11响遏行云 響遏行雲 xiǎng è xíng yúnxiang3 e4 xing2 yun2loud enough to stop the passing clouds (idiom)
12响雷 響雷 xiǎng léixiang3 lei2to be thundering; thunder clap; Classifiers:
13响马党羽 響馬黨羽 xiǎng dǎng xiang3 ma3 dang3 yu3those associated with the bandits (idiom)
14响器 響器 xiǎng xiang3 qi4percussion instrument
15响水 響水 xiǎng shuǐXiang3 shui3Xiangshui county in Yancheng 盐城 , Jiangsu
16响水县 響水縣 xiǎng shuǐ xiànXiang3 shui3 xian4Xiangshui county in Yancheng 盐城 , Jiangsu
17响头 響頭 xiǎng tóuxiang3 tou2to bump one's head; to kowtow with head-banging on the ground
18响尾蛇 響尾蛇 xiǎng wěi shéxiang3 wei3 she2rattlesnake
19响音 響音 xiǎng yīnxiang3 yin1sonorant
20响应时间 響應時間 xiǎng yìng shí jiānxiang3 ying4 shi2 jian1response time

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