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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 lěngLeng3cold; surname Leng
2冷却 冷卻 lěng quèleng3 que4to cool off; cooling
3冷静 冷靜 lěng jìngleng3 jing4calm; cool-headed
4冷冷 lěng lěngleng3 leng3coldly
5冷水 lěng shuǐleng3 shui3cold water; unboiled water; fig. not yet ready (of plans)
6冷笑 lěng xiàoleng3 xiao4to sneer; to laugh grimly; grin of dissatisfaction (bitterness, helplessness, indignation etc); bitter, grim, sarcastic or angry smile
7冷气 冷氣 lěng leng3 qi4air conditioning (Tw)
8冷淡 lěng dànleng3 dan4cold; indifferent
9冷漠 lěng leng3 mo4cold and detached towards sb; lack of regard; indifference; neglect
10冷落 lěng luòleng3 luo4desolate; unfrequented; to treat sb coldly; to snub; to cold shoulder
11冷冻 冷凍 lěng dòngleng3 dong4to freeze; to deep-freeze
12冷傲 lěng àoleng3 ao4icily arrogant
13冷暴力 lěng bào leng3 bao4 li4non-physical abuse; emotional abuse; the silent treatment
14冷不丁 lěng bu dīngleng3 bu5 ding1suddenly; by surprise
15冷不防 lěng bu fángleng3 bu5 fang2unexpectedly; suddenly; at unawares; off guard; against expectations
16冷菜 lěng càileng3 cai4cold dish; cold food
17冷餐 lěng cānleng3 can1cold meal; cold food
18冷藏 lěng cángleng3 cang2refrigeration; cold storage; to keep (food, medicine) in cold environment
19冷藏车 冷藏車 lěng cáng chēleng3 cang2 che1refrigerated truck or wagon
20冷藏箱 lěng cáng xiāngleng3 cang2 xiang1cooler; ice chest; reefer container
21冷场 冷場 lěng chǎngleng3 chang3stage wait; (fig.) awkward silence
22冷嘲热讽 冷嘲熱諷 lěng cháo fěngleng3 chao2 re4 feng3frigid irony and scorching satire (idiom); to mock and ridicule
23冷淡关系 冷淡關係 lěng dàn guān leng3 dan4 guan1 xi4cold relations (e.g. between countries)
24冷冻库 冷凍庫 lěng dòng leng3 dong4 ku4freezer compartment
25冷房 lěng fángleng3 fang2cooling; air conditioning
26冷锋 冷鋒 lěng fēngleng3 feng1cold front (meteorology)
27冷敷 lěng leng3 fu1cold compress
28冷宫 冷宮 lěng gōngleng3 gong1(in literature and opera) a place to which a monarch banishes a wife or concubine who falls from favor; (fig.) the doghouse; a state of disfavor
29冷汗 lěng hànleng3 han4cold sweat
30冷湖 lěng Leng3 hu2Lenghu county level subdivision of Haixi Mongol and Tibetan autonomous prefecture 海西蒙古族藏族自治州 , Qinghai
31冷湖行政区 冷湖行政區 lěng xíng zhèng Leng3 hu2 xing2 zheng4 qu1Lenghu county level subdivision of Haixi Mongol and Tibetan autonomous prefecture 海西蒙古族藏族自治州 , Qinghai
32冷湖行政委员会 冷湖行政委員會 lěng xíng zhèng wěi yuán huìLeng3 hu2 xing2 zheng4 wei3 yuan2 hui4Lenghu county level subdivision of Haixi Mongol and Tibetan autonomous prefecture 海西蒙古族藏族自治州 , Qinghai
33冷话 冷話 lěng huàleng3 hua4harsh words; sarcasm; bitter remarks
34冷寂 lěng leng3 ji4cold and desolate; lonely
35冷静期 冷靜期 lěng jìng leng3 jing4 qi1cooling-off period (divorces, purchases, surgeries)
36冷峻 lěng jùnleng3 jun4grave and stern
37冷酷 lěng leng3 ku4grim; unfeeling; callous
38冷酷无情 冷酷無情 lěng qíngleng3 ku4 wu2 qing2cold-hearted; unfeeling; callous
39冷冷清清 lěng lěng qīng qīngleng3 leng3 qing1 qing1deserted; desolate; unfrequented; cold and cheerless; lonely; in quiet isolation
40冷冽 lěng lièleng3 lie4chilly
41冷媒 lěng méileng3 mei2refrigerant
42冷门 冷門 lěng ménleng3 men2a neglected branch (of arts, science, sports etc); fig. a complete unknown who wins a competition
43冷面 lěng miànleng3 mian4naengmyeon (Korean dish based on cold noodles in soup); grim; stern; harsh
44冷漠对待 冷漠對待 lěng duì dàileng3 mo4 dui4 dai4cold and detached towards sb; lack of regard; indifference; neglect
45冷奴 lěng leng3 nu2silken tofu served cold with various toppings (loanword from Japanese "hiyayakko")
46冷暖 lěng nuǎnleng3 nuan3lit. daily changes of temperature; fig. well-being; sb's comfort, health, prosperity etc
47冷暖房 lěng nuǎn fángleng3 nuan3 fang2cooling and heating; air conditioning and central heating
48冷暖自知 lěng nuǎn zhīleng3 nuan3 zi4 zhi1the person who drinks it knows best whether the water is hot or cold (Zen proverb); self-awareness comes from within; to know best by personal experience; see 如人飲水如人饮水冷暖自知
49冷盘 冷盤 lěng pánleng3 pan2cold plate; cold meats
50冷盆 lěng pénleng3 pen2cold dish; appetizer
51冷僻 lěng leng3 pi4out-of-the-way; deserted; unfamiliar; obscure
52冷气机 冷氣機 lěng leng3 qi4 ji1air conditioner
53冷气衫 冷氣衫 lěng shānleng3 qi4 shan1warm clothes such as padded jacket to be worn in air conditioning (esp. in Hong Kong)
54冷枪 冷槍 lěng qiāngleng3 qiang1sniper's shot
55冷清 lěng qīngleng3 qing1cold and cheerless; fig. lonely; unfrequented
56冷清清 lěng qīng qīngleng3 qing1 qing1deserted; desolate; unfrequented; cold and cheerless; lonely; in quiet isolation
57冷却剂 冷卻劑 lěng què leng3 que4 ji4coolant
58冷却水 冷卻水 lěng què shuǐleng3 que4 shui3cooling water (in a reactor)
59冷却塔 冷卻塔 lěng què leng3 que4 ta3cooling tower
60冷热病 冷熱病 lěng bìngleng3 re4 bing4malaria
61冷热不定 冷熱不定 lěng dìngleng3 re4 bu4 ding4changes in temperature (idiom)
62冷热度数 冷熱度數 lěng shùleng3 re4 du4 shu4temperature (esp. of medical patient)
63冷若冰霜 lěng ruò bīng shuāngleng3 ruo4 bing1 shuang1as cold as ice and frost (idiom, usually of woman); icy manner; frigid
64冷涩 冷澀 lěng leng3 se4cold and sluggish; chilly
65冷森森 lěng sēn sēnleng3 sen1 sen1chilling cold; cold and threatening
66冷水机组 冷水機組 lěng shuǐ leng3 shui3 ji1 zu3chiller
67冷水江 lěng shuǐ jiāngLeng3 shui3 jiang1Lengshuijiang county level city in Loudi 娄底 , Hunan
68冷水江市 lěng shuǐ jiāng shìLeng3 shui3 jiang1 shi4Lengshuijiang county level city in Loudi 娄底 , Hunan
69冷水滩 冷水灘 lěng shuǐ tānLeng3 shui3 tan1Lengshuitan district of Yongzhou city 永州市 , Hunan
70冷水滩区 冷水灘區 lěng shuǐ tān Leng3 shui3 tan1 qu1Lengshuitan district of Yongzhou city 永州市 , Hunan
71冷丝丝 冷絲絲 lěng leng3 si1 si1a bit chilly
72冷飕飕 冷颼颼 lěng sōu sōuleng3 sou1 sou1chilled to the bone; (of the wind) chilly
73冷天 lěng tiānleng3 tian1cold weather; cold season
74冷笑话 冷笑話 lěng xiào huàleng3 xiao4 hua4joke intended to be so corny it makes one groan
75冷血 lěng xuèleng3 xue4cold-blood; cold-blooded (animal)
76冷血动物 冷血動物 lěng xuè dòng leng3 xue4 dong4 wu4cold-blooded animal; fig. cold-hearted person
77冷言讽语 冷言諷語 lěng yán fěng leng3 yan2 feng3 yu3cold sarcastic remarks (idiom)
78冷言冷语 冷言冷語 lěng yán lěng leng3 yan2 leng3 yu3sarcastic comments (idiom); to make sarcastic comments
79冷眼 lěng yǎnleng3 yan3cool eye; fig. detached; (treating) with indifference
80冷眼旁观 冷眼旁觀 lěng yǎn páng guānleng3 yan3 pang2 guan1the cool eye of a bystander; a detached point of view
81冷艳 冷艷 lěng yànleng3 yan4cool and elegant
82冷饮 冷飲 lěng yǐnleng3 yin3cold drink
83冷语 冷語 lěng leng3 yu3sarcasm; sneering talk
84冷语冰人 冷語冰人 lěng bīng rénleng3 yu3 bing1 ren2to offend people with unkind remarks (idiom)
85冷语侵人 冷語侵人 lěng qīn rénleng3 yu3 qin1 ren2to offend by sarcastic talk (idiom)
86冷遇 lěng leng3 yu4a cold reception; to cold-shoulder sb
87冷轧 冷軋 lěng zháleng3 zha2(metallurgy) cold-rolled; cold-rolling
88冷战 冷戰 lěng zhànleng3 zhan4cold war; (coll.) shiver; shudder
89冷战以后 冷戰以後 lěng zhàn hòuleng3 zhan4 yi3 hou4post-Cold War
90冷知识 冷知識 lěng zhī shileng3 zhi1 shi5trivia
91冷字 lěng leng3 zi4obscure word; unfamiliar character

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