Chinese Economy 2040

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Table of Contents
PrefaceThe Time from 2010 to 2040 Sees a Path to the Peak of
China's Economy
Chapter 1 China's Development: Great Conception of History

Chapter 2 Globalization and China's Economy: 30-year Reform
1. Brief History of Economic Globalization
2. Rise of Chinese Economy in Mighty Globalization Era
3. Financial Crisis Reshaped Globalization and China's Economy
4. New Impetus of Globalization and New Structure of World Economic Governance Exhibits
China's Leading Role

Chapter 3 Chinese Economy in Post-crisis Era:
New Transition& New Growth
1. Reform and Countermeasure of China's Development
2. Chinese Mode and China's Road
3. Economic Growth: Searching for New Impetus in New Environment
4. Deepening of Traditional Transition and Breakthrough of New Transition

Chapter 4 International Finance Against New Monetary Policy
1. New Pattern of Global Monetary Policy and New Challenges of Financial Security
2. RMB Exchange Rate. from Unilateral Appreciation to Bilateral Fluctuation
3. RMB Internationalization: from China's Currency to World Currency
4. International Balance of Payments: End of “Double Surplus” Era and Advent of “Inflection
Point” of Foreign Exchange Reserve

Chapter 5 International Trade in Global Governance
1. Reshuffle of World Trade
2. New Competition and New Imbalance: Global Challenges and China's Strategy
3. Protectionism. World Problem or Chinese Phenomenon?
4. Changes in Global Trade System and China's New Thoughts on Free Trade

Chapter 6 Introduction of Foreign Capital: New Opportunities
in weakening Globalization
1. Impact and Opportunities Caused by China's Utilization of Foreign Capital
2. Reflection for Improvement upon Second Thoughts on Quantity and Quality of
Foreign Capital
3. Industrial layout: “Romance of Three Kingdoms” Among State-owned Enterprises, Private
Enterprises and Foreign-funded Enterprises

Chapter 7 Foreign Investment: New Driving Force to
Strengthen Globalization
1. Rapid Growth and Diversified Drives of China's Foreign Investment
2. Industrial Upgrade and Business Internationalization: New Opportunities and New
3. “The Belt and Road” Initiative- Sharing Prosperity and Development with the World
Chapter 8Outlook for Chinese Century
Chinese Economy 2040