Stories From China: Celebrities

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This book introduces more than ten eminent people in history including Confuciusa nd Mencius, Lao tzu and chuang tzu, calligrapher Wang Xizhi, Empress WuZetian, Li Baithe Poetry Immortal, the painting master Qi Baishi, the great writer Luxun, Peking Opera artist Mei Lanfang, Kungfu star Li Xiaolong, the great scientist Yuan Longping. Besides these, there are also cultural notes such as Three Big Theories, calligraphic fonts, traditional Chinese paintings, the old-style private school, feudal ethical codes, Three Theatre Performance Systems in the World, Huo Yuanjia and Shennong, etc.

About the Author
Meiru LIU, the master and doctor of China study, the professor of Chinese Language and Culture in Portland State University in the United States, and the foreign director of Confucius Institute (2007-2015). She has more than 30 years of experience in Chinese-teaching, cultural communication and transmission and has compiled many TCFL textbooks.Lina LU, the master of culture communication, the doctor of pedagogy in Portland State University in the United States and the president of ATCO. Since 1986, she has been teaching Chinese and the cultural comparison between China and the U.S in many universities of America and Canada.
Stories From China: Celebrities