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ISBN: 9787503266010 | Published on 11/2020 | Series: Tourism Sample Survey
The Tourism Sample Survey Data (2020) is an annual statistical report reflecting the spending of inbound tourists in China (inland) and domestic...

Yunnan: An Enchanting Land of Colors
ISBN: 9787503242731,7503242736 | Published on 12/2011
This book present the beautiful view of Yunnan, Kunming, and different tour lines of beautiful magical place.

Voyager en Chine Patrimoine Touristique Culturel
ISBN: 9787503231667 | Published on 01/2008
Ce guide est destine aux touristes ffancophones desireux de decouvrir le coeur de la Chine ainsi qu’aux amoureux de ce pays fascinant.Il se...

True Colour of Dunhuang: Hidden Stories of Murals
ISBN: 9787503247514 | Published on 01/2014

Treasures of China
ISBN: 7503229209,9787503229206 | Published on 01/2007
About Author Du Feibao was assigned to work in the National Tourism Administration of China upon graduation from the French Department of the...

Traditional Architectural Culture of China
ISBN: 9787503266836 | Published on 10/2021
This book mainly introduces the contents of ten chapters. The first chapter is the structure of Chinese traditional architecture, mainly introducing...

Tourism Sample Survey 2018
ISBN: 9787503261886 | Published on 04/2019 | Series: Tourism Sample Survey

Tourism Sample Survey 2017
ISBN: 9787503259524 | Published on 01/2018 | Series: Tourism Sample Survey

Tourism Sample Survey 2016
ISBN: 9787503257445 | Published on 01/2017 | Series: Tourism Sample Survey

Tourism Sample Survey 2015
ISBN: 9787503255168 | Published on 12/2015 | Series: Tourism Sample Survey
"Tourism sample survey of 2015," the book is a reflection of inbound tourists spent in 2014 in China and domestic residents informative...

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