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China Statistical Yearbook On Science and Technology 2013
ISBN: 9787503769832 | Published on 11/2013 | Series: China Statistical Yearbook on Science and Technology
China Statistical Yearbook on Science and Technology-2013 is prepared jointly by the National Bureau of Statistics and the Ministry of Science and...

China Price Statistical Yearbook 2015
ISBN: 9787503774270 | Published on 06/2015 | Series: China Price Statistical Yearbook
"China Price Statistical Yearbook 2015" system included the 2014 annual price survey data, it is a reflection of China's major...

China Real Estate Statistics Yearbook 2009
ISBN: 9787503758966 | Published on 11/2009 | Series: China Real Estate Statistics Yearbook
"China's Real Estate Statistical Yearbook 2009" contains 2005-2008 all regions and 35 cities in real estate economic statistics. The...

China Statistical Yearbook on Construction 2010
ISBN: 9787503762031 | Published on 04/2011 | Series: China Statistical Yearbook on Construction
"China Construction Statistical Yearbook -2010"is a fully reflect the authority of the development of China's construction industry...

Guangzhou Statistical Yearbook 2010
ISBN: 9787503760624 | Published on 10/2010 | Series: Guangzhou Statistical Yearbook
"Guangzhou Statistical Yearbook 2010" is a surface that reflects the Guangzhou Economic and social development of the annual data. Book...

Major Figures on 2010 Population Census of China
ISBN: 9787503762604 | Published on 07/2011

China Population Statistics Yearbook 2006
ISBN: 7503750626 | Published on 12/2006 | Series: China Population Statistical Yearbook
China Population Statistical Yearbook 2006 is an annual statistical publication, which covers very comprehensive data series on the population at...

China Statistical Yearbook 2014 (with 1 CD-ROM)
ISBN: 9787503772801 | Published on 10/2014 | Series: China Statistical Yearbook

China Environment Statistical Yearbook 2017
ISBN: 9787503783951 | Published on 03/2018 | Series: China Environment Statistical Yearbook
China Environmental Statistics Yearbook 2017 Editor's Note: I. "China Environment Statistics Yearbook 2017" is an annual comprehensive...

China Large/Medium Size Retail and Accommodation Enterprises Statistical Yearbook 2012
ISBN: 9787503766824 | Published on 12/2012
2011 Annual Report statistics, "large and medium-sized wholesale and retail and accommodation and catering enterprises Statistical Yearbook...

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China Statistics Press, established in 1995, is a specialized publisher under the National Bureau of Statistics, the People's Republic of China. With its emphasison the China Statistical Yearbook and China Development Report, the Press produces a variety of publications in economics and statistics in the forms of important documentation, textbooks, treatises, translations, reference books and popular readings.
​The Press is responsible for compiling and publishing the periodical China Statistics and producing electronic publications for China Statistical Yearbook and for yearbook and for some principal statistics for individual provinces.