China Statistical Yearbook on High Technology Industry 2006

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To reflect the situation of China's high-tech industrial development and international competitiveness to meet the state's macroeconomic management and the formulation of industrial policy adjustment of industrial development planning needs, according to the National Bureau of Statistics in 2002 promulgated the "high-tech industry statistics Categories", processing finishing This high-tech industry in the development of statistical information. The book collection of high-tech industries in China, 1995-2005, production and management, technology, employment, investment, exports and other relevant international information and comparative information is relevant departments and all sectors of society to understand the development of China's high-tech industry's main information tool.

Table of Contents

The first part mainly reflecting high-tech industry in the production and operation of enterprises.
The second major part of the high-tech industry in the technology business activities.
The third part mainly reflects the high-tech industry enterprises and employees in professional and technical personnel situation.
Part IV is divided into high-tech industry investment in fixed assets in enterprises.
Part V of the high-tech industry enterprise products exports.
Part VI, reflecting the international comparison of data.

China Statistical Yearbook on High Technology Industry 2006