China Statistical Yearbook on High Technology Industry 2009

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To reflect the development situation of China's high-tech industries and international competitiveness, meet the country's macro-control departments to formulate industrial policies and industrial development to adjust planning needs, we enacted in 2002 under the State Statistical Bureau's "high-tech industry statistical nomenclatures" process by the This state of development of high-tech industry statistics book. The book collection of 1995-2008 production and operation of China's high-tech industry, science and technology, employment, investment, exports, etc., as well as relevant international comparative data, a more comprehensive description of the "95" high-tech industry development in China since the basic situation is relevant management departments and the community to understand the development of China's high-tech industry essential information tool.
Table of Contents
The first part mainly reflects the high-tech industry, the production operations.
The second part mainly reflects the high-tech industry, science and technology activities of enterprises.
The third part mainly reflects the situation of high-tech industry employees of enterprises.
Part IV is divided into high-tech industry investment in fixed assets of enterprises.
Part V reflects the high-tech industry enterprise products exports.
Part VI of information for international comparison.
China Statistical Yearbook on High Technology Industry 2009