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A Comparative Study of Metaphors in English and Chinese Social Discourse: The Case of Political Speech
ISBN: 9787520322096 | Published on 03/2018

A Course-Book On China Three Gorges Culture
ISBN: 9787500486534 | Published on 04/2010

A Phonetic Study of the Vowels in Ningbo Chinese
ISBN: 9787516141922 | Published on 04/2014

A Study on the "Da Da Guan" of "Si Yi Guan" in Ming and Mongolian Tribute-letters of "Hua-I-I-Yv"
ISBN: 7516142425, 9787516142424 | Published on 11/2014

Australia and China: Challenges and Ideas in Cross-cultural Engagement
ISBN: 9787516155523 | Published on 02/2015
China and Australia are two major powers in the Asia-Pacific region with increasinglyclose and proactive relations. Engagements and interactions...

British Views on China: At a Special Time (1790-1820)
ISBN: 9787500498728 | Published on 06/2011

China and Belarus: Forge Ahead Together in the "Belt and Road" Construction
ISBN: 9787520341721 | Published on 04/2019
This book pools the common wisdoms of academic think-tanks of China and Belarus, especially focuses on the latest economic and social development in...

Clothing Vocabulary in Dunhuang Literature 敦煌文献服饰词研究
ISBN: 9787516108246 | Published on 06/2012

Europe and the "Belt and Road Initiative": Response and Risks
ISBN: 7516194441, 9787516194447 | Published on 12/2016

Expanding the Belt and Road: A New Perspective on China-Latin America Integrated Cooperation
ISBN: 9787520303835 | Published on 05/2017 | Series: A Series of OBOR by Silk Road Academy

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