China Panorama: Ningxia

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"中国概况"丛书系国家整体向外推介中国基本国情及各省(自治区、直辖市)基本情况的一个重大对外项目,《宁夏》为其中一个子项目。本书从基本信息、历史与特色、经济发展、环境与风光、社会生活、多彩文化、教育科技等方面对宁夏进行全方位介绍,图文并茂。 本书由蔡国英主编。
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Overview
Geographical Location / Official Flower / History / Civilization / Topography / Characteristics of the Region / Climate / Natural Resources / Population and Ethnicity
Chapter 2 Administrative Regional Planning and Main Cities
Yinchuan / Shizuishan / Wuzhong / Guyuan / Zhongwei/Urban Transport and Communications
Chapter 3 Economic Development
Comprehensive Strength / Special Industries / Famous Specialty Products / Avenues for Investment / Building and Recruiting Talent
Chapter 4 Environment and Landscape
Ecosystem / Tourism / Driving Routes
Chapter 5 Education and Technology
Education / Technological Development / Sports
Chapter 6 Society
Customs / Specialty Food / Labor, Employment and Social Security / New Rural Construction
Chapter 7 Culture
Four Mainstream Cultures / Iconic Landmarks / Literary and Artistic Works / Press and Publications
Chapter 8 Inland Open Economy Pilot Zone
Significance / Development Goats / Development Ideas / Construction Mission
Chapter 9 China—Arab States Expo
Diplomatic Service / Promoting Development / Cultural Exchange / Profile Raising
Chapter 10 Accelerating the Building of an Open Ningxia, and Developing Strategic Support for the SiLk Road Economic Belt
Industrial Sector / Agricultural Sector / Service Sector / Creating an Environment for Development / Expansion of an Open Society
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of China Panorama: Ningxia (ISBN:9787119106816)

Sample pages of China Panorama: Ningxia (ISBN:9787119106816)

The share of the manufacturing industry in China's economy has been gradually increasing throughout the years because of the export—oriented strategy.The service industry's share has experienced a marked decrease,and can no longer adapt to the new situation and changes in the comparative advantage of domestic consumption and the upgrading of the investment structure.The building of the Inland Open Economy Pilot Zone improves the level of service in the western region,encourages the development of the region's trade and services, and enhances the overall progress of China's service industry through strong development of export—oriented international trade,international finance, modern logistics,service outsourcing, business, and other services.It also raises the overall development level of China's service industry and explores a new model of sustainable development for western China and other resource—based areas.
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China Panorama: Ningxia