China Marine Statistical Yearbook 2013

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First, the "China Marine Statistical Yearbook," 2013 edition is a fully reflect the 2012 People's Republic of China and the development of marine economy information on the status of marine management services Yearbook, the book is bilingual.
Second, the Yearbook of Statistics range of people in the marine and coastal development, management and use of marine resources and space, the development of marine economy and socio-economic profile of production activities and coastal areas. Geographical scope of coastal areas, coastal cities and coastal areas, which are arranged in the order "coastal administrative region classification and code» (RY IT094-2006) in order.
Third, the Yearbook includes comprehensive information on marine economic accounting, the main activities in the marine industry, the production capacity of major marine industries, employment related to the sea, marine science and technology, marine education, marine environmental protection, maritime administration and public services, national and coastal community economy, some of the world's oceans economic statistics and other 11 parts.
China Marine Statistical Yearbook 2013