China Marine Statistical Yearbook 2011

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A "China Marine Statistics Yearbook 2011 edition is a fully reflect the 2010 information on the status of development of marine economy and marine management services in the People's Republic of China Yearbook, the book is in Chinese and English. Statistics on the scope of this yearbook for people in the marine and coastal development, management and utilization of marine resources and space to develop the production and activity of the marine economy and socio-economic profiles of coastal areas. The geographical range of the coastal areas, coastal cities and coastal areas, the order according to the classification and code of the coastal administrative regions (HY / T 094-2006) of the JI page sequence Ji} column. This yearbook includes comprehensive information, the marine economy accounting activities of the major marine industries, the production capacity of the major marine industries, involving sea, employment, marine science and technology, marine education, marine environmental protection, marine administration and public service, national and coastal communities economy, some of the world's marine economic statistics such as 11 parts. Fourth, the yearbook under "Marine statistical reporting system," (control [2009] No. 42) and "Ocean's GDP accounting system" (State control [2008] 116), the data comes mainly from the coastal provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government Bureau of Statistics, the marine department (bureau), and 20 related to the sea Ministry, Bureau, Corporation. Are at current prices, the yearbook, unless otherwise specified, all value terms, in addition to indicate the year, the others are 2010 data, each part of the yearbook is attached to the main marine Statistical Indicators, statistical indicators of major marine the meaning of the statistical range and statistical methods are briefly described. Statistics describes placed in the table below. Continued the table, if comments were placed in the last table below. This yearbook table Notations used in Description: "that the lack of information in this table are the minimum number of unit;" space "indicates the statistical indicators unknown or the information;" boat ", said one of the main; other symbols such as wood, or "①" said annotated later in this table due to the digital precision of this yearbook, rounded part of the breakdown value and the total value of small differences - eight in this yearbook information The domestic part does not include the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan Province. 9, "China Marine Statistics Yearbook in the compilation process to get the strong support of the relevant units, we are here to express my heartfelt thanks. in the Yearbook If the omissions and inadequacies Readers are encouraged to criticism.
China Marine Statistical Yearbook 2011