China Marine Statistical Yearbook 2010

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"China Marine Statistical Yearbook 2010" Statistics range of people in the marine and coastal development, management, use of marine resources and space, the production and development of marine economic activities and coastal areas of socio-economic profiles. Geographical range in coastal areas, coastal cities and coastal areas, and the order press the "coastal zone classification and the administrative code," the Yearbook includes comprehensive information on marine economic accounting, the major marine industrial activities, mainly marine industry production capacity, sea-related employment, marine science and technology, marine education, marine environmental protection, marine administration and public services, national and coastal socio-economic, part of the world's oceans and other economic statistics of Part XI. According to the yearbook, "Marine statistical reporting system" (State control [2009] No. 42) and "Ocean's GDP accounting system" (State control [2008] No. 116), the data comes mainly from the coastal provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities Bureau of Statistics, marine department (bureau) and 20 for sea-related ministries, departments, head office. The yearbook Unless otherwise specified, all value terms at current prices are, unless otherwise indicated year, the others are 2009 data, after each part of the Yearbook with a major marine Statistical Indicators, the main statistical indicators of the meaning of the marine , statistical coverage and statistical methods are briefly described. Other statistics of note placed in the table below. Have continued table information, if comments are placed in a table following the last. 
China Marine Statistical Yearbook 2010