China Labour Statistical Yearbook 2018

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China Labor Statistics Yearbook 2018 edit instructions:
China Labor Statistics Yearbook 2018 is an annual statistical publication that comprehensively reflects the labor economy of the People's Republic of China. The journal collects relevant labor statistics for 2017 and the provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government. The main indicators are also compiled with statistical data over the years.
The book is divided into 13 sections: 1. Comprehensive; 2. Employment and Unemployment; 3. Total Employment and Salary in Urban Units; 4. Total Employment of State-owned Units and Wages; 5. Total Employment of Urban Collective Units and Salary; 6 Employees and wages in other units; 7. Vocational training and skills appraisal; 8. Labor relations; 9. Social security; 10. Trade union work; 11. Hong Kong data; 12. Macao data; 13. Taiwan data. At the end of the book, relevant foreign data and explanations of major statistical indicators are also attached.
In addition to the National Bureau of Statistics and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the units participating in the book's editing or providing information are the Ministry of Agriculture and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions.
The forms of obtaining this book's data mainly include state and department report statistics, administrative records, and sample surveys. The national labor force, employment personnel and other data are calculated using relevant data. The sum of sub-items of some data does not mean total. Readers should pay attention when using it.
(For reference only, content in the book shall prevail)
China Labour Statistical Yearbook 2018