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Elemente von China
ISBN: 9787508500935
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Four Seasons In Beijing Hutong
ISBN: 9787508550886 | Published on 11/2023

Laozi Laws Divine and Human and Pictures of Deities
ISBN: 9787508537573 | Published on 01/2018

Long Journey for Civilization: Stories of Chinese Laborers on the Western Front in WWI
ISBN: 9787508536064 | Published on 01/2019
After years of study, Professor Xu Guoqi wrote his book. It introduces the life and work situation of 140,000 Chinese laborers who went to...

ISBN: 9787508507033 | Published on 04/2005
Pudong, short for "the east of the Huangpu River" in Chinese, is the symbol of success and achievement. Perhaps a set of interesting facts may help...

A Photographical Evidence of Crimes Committed By Unit 731 of The Japanese Kwantung Army
ISBN: 9787508530857, 7508530853 | Published on 08/2015

Chinese Spring Festival: Journey Home & Celebrations
ISBN: 9787508526904 | Published on 01/2015

Revisiting Shangri-la: Photographing A Century of Environmental and Cultural Change in The Mountains of Southwest China
ISBN: 9787508521732 | Published on 09/2011
China is changing fast. Seemingly overnight it has become an economic and political powerhouse on a global scale. Although it is the recent rise of...

Thangka Paintings of the Tibetan Oral Epic: King Gesar
ISBN: 9787508525358 | Published on 07/2013

The Jews in China
ISBN: 9787508532691 | Published on 01/2016

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China Intercontinental Press (CIP) was established in 1993, and now is one of China's leading international publishing companies, producing over 200 new titles per year, most of which are in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, and so on. 
​It publishes trade and academic titles in subject areas such as China's arts, culture, literature, philosophy, religion, travel literatures and children books. CIP's mission is to present China, especially the information of Chinese culture, to the world and share the traditional and modern China's essence with both domestic and foreign readers.