China Hotel Industry Study 2011

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"2011 China Hotel Business Statistics" publication schedule, this accurately reflects the dynamic development of China's annual restaurant industry professional research publications to the ninth year. Experienced a difficult 2009, the year 2010, the performance of China's hotel industry was finally out of the trough, the key performance indicators began to show positive growth. Those results in 2009, the most serious decline in first-line market (such as Beijing and Shanghai) in 2010 to achieve the most significant growth. Quickly browse new "2011 China Hotel Business Statistics", the following are some important findings: • the number of participating hotels another breakthrough, the total number of rooms to ask the first time exceeded 20 million, growing to show that the gold content of the publication and marketing influence; • and 2009 compared to the vast majority of hotel groups have achieved significant improve occupancy, average room rates of recovery remains to be done: • As a new type of limited service hotel full, three-star hotel market performance has been significantly improved; • four-star hotel market, low operating margins achieved; • As the supply caused by continuous pressure on the market in general is difficult to second-tier performance leap in a short time; • As the number of high-quality hotel after another opening, Sanya China has successfully emerged as the most outstanding performance of the market, is one of the only operating margin of more than 50% of the market. Here, again, I would like to thank on behalf of Association of National Tourism Administration, China Tourist Hotels Association of the member units, domestic and international hotel management companies and more than 660 hotels nationwide unswerving support this publication! Finally, on behalf of the Association of Special 0 to thank the other domestic and international hotel management group's effort to assist the honorary advisor! hope this publication to bring you valuable information! in the publication of the ninth issue of "China's hotel business statistics", we research and analysis covering rooms more than 200,000 total for the first time asked, year after year growth in the number of hotel gratifying. Here, I have been given to the publication of this study strongly support the hotel and the hotel management company to express my sincere gratitude to 12,010 years of data show that after four years of declining performance, the Chinese hotel market has returned to a positive development on. To Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen as the leading first-tier city hotel market average asking gross room revenues and hotel performance indicators have achieved significant growth. However, analysis of data show that second-tier cities in the hotel market performance or leveling off, not as prominent front-line market. China is still the most over-supply of hotel markets are facing problems. Analysis of the caliber of this publication are based on different groups in the hotels division in 2010 to achieve the highest occupancy level of only 68%. Most hotel groups have less than 65% occupancy. Future in the short term, hotel development projects throughout China will maintain rapid growth trend in many markets likely will continue the state of low occupancy. This phenomenon will affect the hotel's operating margin performance, which led to the market need for a longer period to recover to the original profit level. To take this opportunity, I sincerely thank the Chinese National Tourism Administration and the China Tourist Hotels Association has been given to support this research publications and trust, and thanks again for the hotels and hotel management company to actively participate in, especially members of the Honorary Advisory Board We have successfully published the "2011 China Hotel Business Statistics" for their enthusiastic help. Finally, we look forward to and appreciate your support as always, continue in the future, "Chinese restaurant business statistics"!

Table of Contents
1 Introduction
9 Table 1 Summary of hotel business (2010,2009)
1 1 2 sector expenditure
17 Table 3 Rooms department
19 Table 4 and catering sector
21 Table 5 Communication / spa and fitness sector
23 Table 6 other departments
25 Table 7 Unallocated operating expenses
27 Table 8 constitutes a source
29 Table 8 restaurant Statistics
31 Table 10 Personnel Statistics
Personnel Statistics 33 Table 11 (continued)
35 Table 12 hotels constitute the sample information
36 Table 12 Rooms Information
37 Figure source composition and contribution rates
Figure 38 constitute the sample Hotel Information
Figure 39 Comparison of performance indicators in some cities
Income and Expenditure 40 Figure
Historical Performance Comparison Figure 41 hotels
Figure 43 hotel boom forecast performance
44 Appendix About China Tourist Hotels Association
45 Appendix II Horwath About
Terminology 47 Appendix III
49 Appendix IV hotel performance against self-test table
50 Appendix V hotel development / transformation of the ideal process
China Hotel Industry Study 2011