China Hotel Industry Study 2009

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It is a great honor to have the opportunity to write in the preamble, which is one in the hotel industry has an important reference value to the research journals. I am with this rich source of publication, as early as; E2001, I work at the National Tourism Administration, on efforts to promote the international research journals published in China. And eight years later, I am pleased to see it not only greatly in quality improvement, but also China's hotel industry has been widely recognized. In 2008 the Chinese hotel industry ups and downs of the year, in 2003 experienced "atypical pneumonia" after the short-term prosperity, the Chinese hotel industry 7 -. Again - at the face of severe challenges. But in any case, the Beijing Olympic Games a success. To show the world China's new image, but also for the Chinese hotel industry has provided a rare opportunity of participation and dedication. China to hand over the hotel were no doubt a good answer. As in previous years. ((2009 Chinese restaurants, 11,3 statistics "continue to be a member of the Society for enterprises, tourist associations at all levels as well as the hotel owners, management companies and hotel operators for their support. In this. I speak on behalf of China Tourist Hotels Association, said sincere thanks also to thank all those involved in the survey of more than 600 hotels!

Table of Contents
1 Introduction
9 Table 1 Summary of the hotel business (2008/2007)
1 1 Table 2 sector revenue and expenditure
1 7 Table 3 Rooms department
1 9 Table 4 Food & Beverage sector
21 Table 5 communications / spa and fitness sector
23 Table 6 other departments
25 Table 7 Unallocated operating expenses
27 Table 8 constitutes a source
29 Table 9 Food Statistics
31 Table 10 Personnel Statistics
33 Table 1 1 Personnel Statistics (continued)
35 Table 1 2 samples constitute Hotel Information
36 Table 1 3 Rooms Facilities Information
Figure 37 and the housing prices constitutes a contribution to source
Figure 38 constitute the sample Hotel Information
Figure 39 Comparison of performance indicators in some cities
40 constitute the revenue and expenditure plans
Figure 41 Performance Comparison of the history of the hotel
Figure 43 Forecast Hotel, the performance of the economy
44 Appendix A Brief Introduction of China Tourist Hotels Association
45 Appendix II Horwath Management Consultants, Inc.
Terminology 47 Appendix III
49 Appendix IV hotel performance against self-test table
50 Appendix V hotel development / transformation of the ideal process
China Hotel Industry Study 2009