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Study Cases on Biosafety Assessments of Transgenic Plants in China
ISBN: 9787511148575 | Published on 12/2022

Best Practices of Ecosystem Service Mainstreaming in China
ISBN: 9787511149121 | Published on 10/2021
Ecosystem services refer to the benefits that human beings get from the ecosystem. With the publication of research results from Costanza, Daily and...

Case Studies on Ecological Civilization Construction and Biodiversity Conservation in China
ISBN: 9787511151155 | Published on 04/2022
The 15th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP15) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) has been held in Kunming of China in...

Typical Cases and International Cooperation of Eco-industrial Parks under the Belt and Road Vision
ISBN: 9787511156402 | Published on 10/2023

ISBN: 9787511148636 | Published on 03/2023

The Climate and Air Quality Co-benefits of Controlling Black Carbon and Organic Carbon: A Review of Emissions, Impacts and Policies
ISBN: 9787511153562 | Published on 12/2022
This book is a series of review reports produced under the Chinese-Norwegian Project on Emission, Impact, and Control Policy for Black Carbon and its...

Annual Statistical Report on Environment in China 2009
ISBN: 9787511104250 | Published on 12/2010
This book introduces the basic situation of statistical enterprises, wastewater and emissions of major pollutants, industrial emissions compliance...

2013 Annual Statistic Report on Environment in China
ISBN: 9787511121578 | Published on 12/2014 | Series: Annual Statistic Report on Environment in China
Key cities of China Environment Statistical Yearbook (2013) "including the discharge of major pollutants in; regional industrial...

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