China Diary

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China Diary grew out of a random series of articles I wrote for the Morning Star, starting in 1988. The Morning Star was (and I believe stillis) the only daily newspaper in English in the world with a socialistperspective. The paper had a tradition of close coverage of the SovietUnion and the Eastern European countries, and it seemed a glaringomission that it contained scarcely a word about events in the biggestsocialist country in the world--China. At that time I had been working asa copy editor at Xinhua, China's main official news agency, since arrivingin Beijing from Hong Kong in 1984. On a visit to the Morning Star'soffices in London in mid-1988 I suggested that,I could contribute newsfrom China. The features editor accepted with alacrity, asking for onepiece per month--"Of course, we can't afford to pay you." Ah well, itdoes the soul good to do something for free ira a good cause, I thought. Italso occurred to me that if they were not paying they'd have to be verycareful about changing what I wrote even if they didn't like it--or I mightjust stop doing it. That made me feel very virtuous as compared to thehacks in the mainstream press, who write what they are told to write bythe people who hire them.
Table of Contents
1 September 1988
2 May 1989
3 October 1989
4 July 1991
5 September 1991
6 November 1991
7 January 1992
8 July 1992
9 September 1993
10 November 1993
11 February 1994
12 August 1994
13 March 1995
14 June 1995
15 January 1996
China Diary