Boao Forum for Asia Progress of Asian Economic Integration Annual Report 2015

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Author: Lin Guijun;
Language: English
Format: 27.6 x 21.4 x 0.6 cm
Page: 81
Publication Date: 03/2015
ISBN: 9787566312907
Publisher: The University of International Bussiess & Economic Press
Series: Boao Forum for Asia Annual Report
Table of Contents

Chapter 1Trends of Asia's Tradein 2013
1.1Growth of Asia's Trade in 2013
1.2Trends of Asia's Merchandise Trade
1.3Trends of Intra—regional Flow of Intermediate Goods
1.4Growth of Service Trade in Asia in 2013
Chapter 2 Tradelnter—dependence among the Asian Economies
2.1Asia'sTrade Integration Index
2.2Trade Inter—dependence among Asian Economies
2.3Domestic Value Added of ASEAN+3 Countries'Exports
Chapter 3Inter—dependence of Asian Economies in Factory Asia
3.1Inter—dependence in Factory Asia
3.2Share of Asian Economies in Intermediate Goods Trade
3.3Distributions of Competitive Advantages in tHe Global Value Chains
Chapter 4 FDllnter—dependencein Asia
4.1Growth of FDI Flows in Asia
4.2Inter—dependence Index for FDllnflows
4.3Asia's FDI Self—dependence Index
Chapter 5 Integration in Asia's Service Sector
5.1A GVCs View on Service Trade Integration in Asia
5.2Integration Index of Asian Economies Tourism
Chapter6 Financial Integration
6.1Portfolio Investment in Asia
6.2De jure and De focto Financial Openness of Asia
6.3Index of Business Cycle Synchronization
6.4Stock Market Correlation Indices in Asia
6.5Inflation Correlation Indices in Asia
Appendix Important Events of the Asian Economic Integration

Boao Forum for Asia Progress of Asian Economic Integration Annual Report 2015