King Gesar 1 Birth of King Gesar

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Author: Quan Yingsheng;
Language: English
Format: 2013-04
Page: 211
Publication Date: 09/2012
ISBN: 9787511010520
Publisher: Dolphin Book
Series: King Gesar
The content of this book includes origin, son of a heavenly deity descends to the temporal world, demon’s disaster, temper his willpower, great master padmasambhava, beauty Cholmo, Gyaingar Pebo, heart of the King, the road to conquer, Becoming King at the Horse Race.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Origin 
Chapter 2 Son of a Heavenly Deity Descends to the Temporal World 
Chapter 3 Demon's Disaster 
Chapter 4 Temper His Willpower 
Chapter 5 Great Master Padmasambhava 
Chapter 6 Beauty Cholmo 
Chapter 7 Gyaingar Pebo 
Chapter 8 Heart of the King 
Chapter 9 The Road to Conquer 
Chapter 10 Becoming King at the Horse Race
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King Gesar 1 Birth of King Gesar