Beyond the Voices: Yiwu, Here I Am

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[BTV]There are really so many foreign businessmen. What advantages do you think Yiwu can provide you businessmen?
[Bady]The market. The markets here are concentrated. There are many big markets in Yiwu with a full range of products, so it is convenient for us to purchase and do business. You know, there are also many restaurants and hotels here in Yiwu for foreigners. The hotels are cheap, and the restaurants offer me food for nearly eight years. And the prices of many products in Yiwu are much lower than those in my country, so we purchase from here and sell in Algeria. 
[BTV]The products here are cheap but how about the quality? 
[Bady]Actually, not so good. I can understand from the low price. It will be much better if good price accompanies good quality. 
[BTV]Yes. That is correct. So the products have been at low prices all the time? 
[Bady]No, there are some changes. It is more expensive now. In 2011, the economic crisis of Europe affected the economy of many countries in the world, so the value of Euro goes down and RMB is going up. The influence manifests itself slowly but gradually changes the Yiwu market. Sometimes it doesn't have any influence on the rich people but it really makes a difference to the ordinary people. 
[BTV]Right. There is now a popular saying among Chinese that the prices of all materials are going up except the salary. It is not so easy for us Chinese to buy a house due to the high price. 
[Bady] I know. The housing price especially in some big cities such as Shanghai, Beijing are really sky-high, so is it in Yiwu. 
[BTV]Then how about in your country? Are the houses expensive there? 
[Bady]No, not expensive. But I decide to live here, so I need to buy a house in Yiwu. You know. It is difficult for us foreigners to buy a house not because of the price but the policy. So thanks to my wife, she doesn't need to be limited by the policy of Yiwu government when buying a house.
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Beyond the Voices: Yiwu, Here I Am