Best Chinese Children's Literature: Life Is Life

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"Life Is Life" is a collection of essays written by Zhang Haidi. It tells the growth story of a naughty little girl who is very mischievous-plays around all day, climbs the roof catching cocks and releases her cousin's butterflies into the autumn wind. This girl in the book may be a little romantic. She fell in love with a boy when she was eight and a half years old, whistled Soviet songs and also wanted to dance ballet. Later, she taught kids to the sing "Big Devils to their heads cut off" at primary school in the village. When she was young, she was growing up with long hair and dedicated to reading and learning so that the eyes can see the farther and higher sky. And then she attended the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women. From this collection of essays, we can see the rich emotions of a kind-hearted, strong, persistent woman writer of true characters.

Table of Contents
Grey Wolf. Black Dog Skin. Red Pepper
Eternal Gaze
Blue Zebra
Very Bright Sunlight at That Moment
Ballet Fairy
Granny, Big Black Dog and I
Love Story
Long Hair
Piano Lessons
A Dog Called Mumu
I Am the Boat, and the Book Is the Sail
Fight for Literature
I Want to Jump to Serve the Ball
Wait to Parachute
Flying Alone
When Stars Twinkle
What Is Life?
Time and Will
I Was an Ancient Legend
Dancing with Nature
Goddess of Literature
Night without Inspiration
The White Bird and Blue Lake - A Letter to T.S
I Crossed a River at Fifteen
Hamburger and Baked Corn Cake
A Book with a Blue Cover
A Story of Nozomi
Dreams Fly in the Country of Cherry Blossoms
Best Chinese Children's Literature: Life Is Life