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New Practical Chinese Reader (3rd Edition) Vol 2 - Chinese Characters Workbook
ISBN: 9787561957844 | Published on 01/2021 | Series: New Practical Chinese Reader (3rd Edition)
Usage Advice: Tobe used together with the textbook.Read, write and memorize the related Chinese characters after learning each lesson. Level:...

HSK Vocabulary Prep (Level 4)
ISBN: 9787561954669 | Published on 08/2019 | Series: HSK Vocabulary Prep
Usage Advice: This series of reference books is suitable for students of HSK (whose first language is not Chinese) and also for teachers who are...

YCT Simulation Tests (Level I)
ISBN: 9787561948880 | Published on 06/2017 | Series: YCT Simulation Tests | Reviews:
Level: Beginner,Elementary Primary School ,Middle School YCT (Youth Chinese Test), an international standardized test of Chinese language...

Smartcat Graded Chinese Readers (For Kids) Level 3 Book 10: What Do You Like to Do?
ISBN: 9787561952382 | Published on 07/2018 | Series: Smart Cat Graded Chinese Reader (for Kids)
Level: Beginner,Elementary Preschool ,Primary School  

Analysis of Errors of Foreign Students in Learning Chinese Grammar (Reprinted Edition)
ISBN: 9787561957653 | Published on 11/2020
Usage Advice: Forinternational Chinese language teachers, undergraduates and graduates majoringin international Chinese language education. This book...

Friends: Chinese Graded Readers Level 6: Healthy and Delicious Chinese Food (for kids and teenagers)
ISBN: 9787561941881 | Published on 06/2015 | Series: Friends - Chinese Graded Readers
Level: Advanced, Primary School, Middle School Friends is a set of Chinese graded readers for non-native Chinese students, which can be used...

HSK Standard Course 4B - Teacher's Book
ISBN: 9787561945285 | Published on 06/2016 | Series: HSK Standard Course | Reviews:
Usage Advice: 10 lessons, taking 40-60 class hours Level: Intermediate, Adults Authorized by Hanban, HSK Standard Course is developed under the...

Intensive Chinese for Pre-University Students: Textbook 4
ISBN: 9787561957080 | Published on 10/2020 | Series: Intensive Chinese for Pre-University Students
Usage Advice: This series of textbooks can be used as a main Chinese course book for pre-university international students who are going to study...

Chinese Reading Course (3rd Edition) Volume 2
ISBN: 9787561952405 | Published on 09/2018 | Series: Chinese Reading Course (3rd Edition)
Usage Advice: This book is composed of 25 lessons. It is suggested to use a class hour (50 minutes) for each lesson. Level: Beginner College ,Adults...

360 Standard Sentences in Chinese Conversations 2
ISBN: 9787561952139 | Published on 06/2018 | Series: 360 Standard Sentences in Chinese Conversations | Reviews:
Usage Advice: Itis suitable for short-term oral teaching of 4 to 16 weeks Level: Beginner,Elementary Adults 360 Standard Sentences in Chinese...

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