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A Study on the Current-Event Fiction During Late Ming Dynasty and Early Qing Dynasty
ISBN: 9787561934746 | Published on 06/2013
This book makes a systematic study on the current-event fiction during the later years of Ming Dynasty and the early years of Qing Dynasty....

ISBN: 9787561934371 | Published on 12/2012
《汉语教学名家讲坛:门外偶得集(第3版)》是其代表性学术著作,书中选取教学中遇到的各类问题,小处入手,大处着眼,于细微之处见精神,带有明显的应用色彩,对当下的对外汉语教学事业仍有指导与借鉴意义。 About Author...

Experiments of Phonetic Level
ISBN: 9787561934036 | Published on 12/2012
This book is mainly divided into four chapters: the first chapter, general introduction of phonetics; the second chapter, consonant pattern; the...

ISBN: 9787561933534 | Published on 08/2012

ISBN: 9787561933572 | Published on 08/2012

ISBN: 9787561933473 | Published on 08/2012

ISBN: 9787561933541 | Published on 08/2012

ISBN: 9787561933367 | Published on 08/2012

ISBN: 9787561933589 | Published on 08/2012

ISBN: 9787561933329 | Published on 08/2012

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