Ba Jin and Overseas Culture

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Level: 汉语研究者

This book is published by the Young Scholars' Works Library Fund of Beijing Language and Culture University. As the author's PhD dissertation, it discusses the impact the overseas culture has on Ba Jin's thinking and literature creation. The ten chapters following Introduction talk about the deep influence that Kropotkin, Russian populism, the French Revolution, Rousseau, Tolstoy, Goldman, Turgenev, Chernyshevshy, Prelooker , M.Artsybashev, V.Ropsin, Esperanto and Christianity have on Ba Jin, trying to analyze Ba Jin's thoughts and creation more accurately, and to expand the academic space for Ba Jin study. Taking overseas culture as the breakthrough point, this book studies Ba Jin and the aspects of Ba Jin’s connection with the overseas culture. Based on the previous research results, it enriches the studied object, deepens the analysis and gains certain academic value for its contribution to Ba Jin study.

About the Author
Jia Lei received her PhD in Comparative Literature and World Literature from Shandong University in 2004. Her research field is comparative literature and Chinese contemporary literature. At present she is teaching in the Comparative Literature Research Institute in Beijing Language and Culture University.
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Ba Jin and Overseas Culture