Books written by "Zhao Yi"

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Accounting for Decision Making
ISBN: 9787569047905 | Publisher: Sichuan University Press | Published on 07/2021

Chinese Massage Therapy (Tuina)
ISBN: 9787811215236 | Publisher: China Light Industry Press | Published on 09/2017
Chinese Massage Therapy (Tuina) employs seven parts to introduce the rudimentary knowledge, basic skills and clinical application of Chinese massage...

Financial Statement Analysis
ISBN: 9787569050394 | Publisher: Sichuan University Press | Published on 12/2021

Chinese-English The Common Used Chinese Herbal Medicine and Typical Presciption
ISBN: 7502357718, 9787502357719 | Publisher: Scientific and Technological Literature Publishing House | Published on 01/2007
本书以列表形式精练介绍最常用中药(植物药)162种,每味药附彩图及主要化学结构,分为20章。每类药物有一般特性,每味药物有中文名、标准拼音、药材名、植物学名、常用剂量、性味与归经、功效与临床应用,以及主要成分等项。 临床使用的方剂很多,颇难掌握,笔者选择最常用中药经典方52个以作介绍。...