Books written by "Xu Lin"

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Wisdom of Lao Zi (2 Vols)
ISBN: 9787533754372,7533754379 | Publisher: Anhui Science and Technology Publishing House | Published on 08/2012
This book attempts to introduce the thought of Taoism and even the whole ancient philosophical thoughts to western countries. It gives comprehensive...

The Idea of Chinese Music in Europe Up to the Year 1800
ISBN: 9787810965897, 7810965891 | Publisher: Central Conservatory of Music Press | Published on 12/2013

Sample of Time: The Power of Time - Pictorial Records of China's Reform and Openning Up
ISBN: 9787508540702 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Published on 01/2019
40 years ago, we aspired for the beautiful life of “living in buildings, using electric lamps and telephone” and eating “beef...

Practical Medical Chinese: Elementary 3 (with audio)
ISBN: 9787513500234 | Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press | Published on 09/2010

The Little Red Book - A Grammar Guide to Secondary School Chinese Exams
ISBN: 9787561956601 | Publisher: Beijng Language and Culture University Press | Published on 01/2021
Usage Advice: 1.The book can be used as a supplement to any secondary school Chinese course and issuitable for both classroom and home study use.2....

Boya Chinese Listening and Speaking (Qusi-Intermediate) I
ISBN: 9787301306130 | Publisher: Peking University Press | Published on 10/2019

Dictionary of Mandarin and Minnan Dialect 普通话闽南方言常用词典
ISBN: 7561529031, 9787561529034 | Publisher: Xiamen University Press | Published on 10/2007

Grand View: Special Exhibition of Ju Ware from the Northern Sung Dynasty(in Chinese with English)
ISBN: 9789575625061 | Publisher: National Palace Museum (Taipei) | Published on 12/2006
Among the most prized and cherished of porcelains among traditional scholars were those of Ju ware. With its full glaze, tiny sesame-seed sized...
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The Silk Road in Cartoons: Stories from the Dunhuang Murals 4
ISBN: 9787510461323 | Publisher: New World Press | Published on 04/2017

Chinese Painting: Capturing the Spirit of Nature with Brushes
ISBN: 9787508516691 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Published on 01/2010
Traditional Chinese painting was fundamentally an abstract art form.Although there were no absolute abstract Chinese paintings in its original...
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